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Folk Art Penny Rugs emerged in the mid 19th century. These rugs, made from precious scraps of felted wool, were used as decorative table toppers, chair seat covers, wall hangings and floor mats.

Originally, worn out wool clothing was boiled in water then rinsed in a stream and hung to dry. Using the felted wool, beautiful patterns were stitched and heirlooms were made. Often a penny would be sewn into the rug for good luck. At WoolPennyRugs.com, we do the work for you. Not only do we have a wide range of hand dyed felted wool to choose from but also we have pre packaged kits which include everything you need for you project, patterns galore for inspiration and wool thread for that authentic look. Warm up to wool...you will love the portability of the craft and the comforting feel as you stitch.


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Wool Penny Rugs